Journey To Build

Journey To Build

1. Design and budget

An experienced Longridge Homes building consultant will work with you to help you choose and work with the design that is right for you and your block of land. Once the consultant has discussed your requirements we will fine tune your design and present you with a preliminary budget estimate.

Things we need from you in stage 1 are copies of your land information including any encumbrance details and your design briefs

2. Details and initial works

We start to document the process officially. For an investment of $2,500 which is the first stage of your initial deposit we will complete the investigation of your site and start developing the technical design and documentation of your new home.

We will prepare a preliminary site report including:
— A soil profile assessment
— A preliminary footing report
— Site aspect and levels
— Preliminary plans and elevations
— Preparation of contract documents

Things we need from you at this stage are for you to arrange your finance. We can always help you with this by introducing you to an independent mortgage broker.

3. Contract and Selections

Your final contract file is now completed and ready for signing with your sales consultant.

The documentation will include:
— Working Drawings
— Contract Pricing Schedule
— Building Schedule and Specifications
— Colour and Selections Schedule

On signing your contract deposit of $3000 is made. You will then meet with our experienced selections staff to choose your colours and finishes.

Once selections are complete we will proceed with lodging your Council Planning Application, getting Building Certification and Development Approval. You'll be pleased to know that we do this all for you!

4. Construction

At this stage we will make the final preparations for construction. Orders will be issued to all the relevant suppliers and contractors for all the materials and services required to build your new home.

You will be introduced to your Building Supervisor who will liaise with you throughout the construction process and ensure that your home is built to the exacting standards that you can expect from a Longridge Home.

5. Move In

Two weeks prior to the completion of your new home your supervisor will meet you for the final pre-inspection and arrange an appointment to hand over the keys to your new home. This is the time that you can celebrate with family and friends!