Good Fit for Life


This couple chose a two-storey design by Longridge Homes and never looked back

The best-laid plans were a change of plans for Jackie and Peter McMahon. The couple had consulted an architect, but then decided to build the Savoy 220 with Longridge Homes.

"It was going to be very costly (to build the architect's design), so we decided to consider a home off the plan," Jackie says.

"Longridge had a plan that fitted and gave us what we wanted so we abandoned our original plan." Advice from Longridge Homes consultant Nathan Smith also proved invaluable.

"The (architect-)designed house took up all the space on our block, but when Nathan looked at it he gave us advice,'' Jackie says, adding their Longridge home was a better fit. "We have a lot of garden and an outdoor entertainment area."

One of the prerequisites was that the master bedroom, which has floor-to-ceiling built-in robes, be downstairs to make life easier. "We are going to be here for many years... the downstairs bedroom is for when we get older, " Jackie says.

The second storey, which has a living area and two bedrooms, appealed because it would cater for visitors, including Jackie and Peter's three adult daughters.

"High ceilings are standard with Longridge so we didn't have to pay extra for them," Jackie says. "The home doesn't have cornices so it has a brighter and bigger feel... it has very clean lines."

Those clean lines are a theme. The kitchen has an appliance cupboard to keep the toaster and kettle out of view. Its cupboards have push doors without handles in keeping with the minimalist look.

There is also storage tucked under the stairs in the entry hall, which it turns out is the home's standout feature. "It has a long window so it's a really bright, open area," Jackie says.

"It's the first thing that people mention when they walk in... the home is almost townhouse size so it gives it a really big entrance when you come in.".

WORDS Anna Vlach PHOTOGRAPHY Nick Clayton


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